1. fiore-rosso:

    paul nicholls | the golden age - somewhere.

    "….attempts to visualise the notion of a ‘downloaded architecture’. We are in a time where much of what we do is online. The notion of the online will radically change, the notion of the computer and the home will merge. We will download parks and places to relax, have skype phone calls with simulated telepresence of our friends and family, be immersed in nanorobotic replications of any kind of objects or furnishings downloaded on credit based systems. The local becomes the global and the global becomes the local. Consumer based capitalism would change forever"

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  4. skunkbear:

    First prize in Science’s Visualization Challenge (video category) went to this NASA video by Greg Shirah, Horace Mitchell, and Tom Bridgman. It shows Earth’s “climate engine” — the wind patterns and ocean currents that are powered by the sun.

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  5. belovedlotus:

    sacred lily pad underside

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    Monica Lek

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    Peter Zumthor, Swiss Pavilion Expo, 2000

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